These two great and pure artists have joined forces together to present to the world a haunted vision of midwestern american punk art, in it’s most majestic state.

Thelonius Bone. Previous works include, but are not limited to: Bronx, Pussy Boys, Rock N Roll Pool Boy, Turn to Crime Roadie, Total Trash, Hard Rock Cafe, Die Hard Christmas.

Jimbo Easter. Previous works include, but are not limited to: Piranhas, Druid Perfume, Diamond Hens, Jim Beam and the Throw Ups, Salvador, Odd Clouds, Redford Civic Parade.

In an art world populated mostly by ultra soft, unimaginative, reductive, generic, soulless, fake ass, out of touch, narcissistic, vapid, shitty, jerk off, con job jokers…these two true idiot fool savage maniacs of art, through a diligent practice of primitive and ancient recognition and conjuring rituals, have gained access to an underground mind world where dreams, emotions, and existence sit still like a toad in the heat breathing fast so you can see into yourself and the others and into a higher plane, and think what you want to think, and feel what you want to feel, move closer to the mystery, and in the end, experience an actual, real transmission of spiritual communication.

You may notice the collaborative work and individual works in this show share certain commonalities and explore some of the same spirit land. Gnomes, rock n roll landscapes, beasts, monsters, mistakes, creatures, cowboys, psychedelic minds, youth, family, destruction, absolute irreverence, strange freedom, death, birth, etc. You may notice, even within the contrasting variety of means and techniques employed by each individual, these artists are indeed working towards certain creative goals in stereo. A real Laurel and Hardy of the contemporary Detroit art scene!

Please enjoy the show and take the time to speak to these very special artists. I, myself, will use the opportunity of this opening to congratulate both of them on remaining real in a society that is blanketed in falsehoods.

JK, 2017