DEADLINE: April 1, 2017:

To apply for a Popps Packing artist residency in 2017 between June and September

There is a $25.00 application fee (in US dollars) payable to Popps Packing via PayPal. If you have questions or problems with this form send an email to

The residency season is from March 1- December 30
Applications will be considered after the deadline if there are vacancies, please email to check.

Applying as a collaborative team:

If you intend to do only collaborative projects, apply by one application with all names and samples of your past collaborative projects. If you intend to mix personal projects with collaborative projects, apply individually.



    Fill out this section to help us best accommodate you during your stay as a Momm and Popp Resident. Popps Packing supports families/partners with up to two children by offering a private single family home with basement studio and living space consisting of kitchen, bath, and two private bedrooms. If both bedrooms are not utilized by your family, then one of the private bedrooms may be given to another resident and they would share your living space.

    Will your spouse / partner be joining you?


    Give a brief statement of why you would like to have a residency at Popps?
    Please specify if being in Detroit /Hamtramck is important to your project and/or practice at this time.
    (200 words or less)


    Give a brief description of your intended or potential project/s at Popps.
    (200 words or less)


    Popps resident artists are required to put in 10 hours per month to pitch in and help around the compound in addition to maintaining a clean communal space: building and grounds maintenance, building renovation projects, publications, p.r. and administrative assistance are some of the areas we always need help with. Please summarize your skills and experiences, which you think could best aid in helping and improving Popps Packing. We are occasionally able to subsidize part of the residency costs for special projects that add to or help support Popps’ infrastructure and design needs.



    STUDIO RESIDENCY For studio based practices/

    $700/ month Private bedroom + shared living and shared studio
    $1400/month includes 2 bedrooms and the entire residency studio. This option is ideal for small collectives and artist couples.

    CURATORIAL/RESEARCH RESIDENCY For artists, curators and researches who don’t need typical studio space.
    (writing research, digital, film, etc.)

    $500/month: Private bedroom in shared dwelling with kitchen and bath
    $1000-$1500/ month: Entire house that includes two bedrooms, kitchen and bath.
    Ideal for small art collectives and collaborative groups

    MOMM & POPP RESIDENCY for parent artists.

    $1000-$1500/ month:The newly renovated Popps Emporium that includes a private two bedroom dwelling with kitchen, bath and storefront studio.


    Residency periods range from 1-2 months. We occasionally consider shorter 2 week research residencies which are determined on a case by case basis and only if space allows. Residency period starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

    Preferred Dates:
    From: To:

    Alternate Dates:
    From: To:



    File Size: 10 MB maximum

    • Naming: ‘Collaborative or Full Name | 2017/18 residency ’
    • Work samples should include CV/Resume and one of the following submissions:

      ​​10​ still images (JPEG, max 1200 pixels on any side). Each image should have a caption of ​2​00 characters or less​ that includes title, date created, medium and any other information that informs the work​

      URLs to specific work on host sites (Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.). Each URL should have a caption of
      ​2​00 characters or less, which provides parameters to limit reviewers experience to approx. 5 min of work and gives context to piece.

      3 ​pages. Each text piece should include a contextual summary of
      ​2​00 characters or less

      COMBINATION: If you are submitting images, text, audio, and video in combination please use best judgment (ie. 5 images and 2.5 minutes video total). Each work should have a caption of 200 characters or less.


    NOTE: If you have questions or problems with this form send an email to