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Opening reception Friday April 4th 7-10pm

Show runs through April 26th

Artist talk April 26th at 4pm

Gallery open by appointment


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For this body of work I am exploring the space between the image as signifier, capable of communicating and distributing content and meaning and the image as a source of purely visual information, an aesthetic experience. One question that drives the creation and display of my work is whether or not one can process information simultaneously through an aesthetic/contextual framework or if one must necessarily take a position in choosing one over the other?

I am also exploring display as a subject and the manner in which images communicate and affect the shifting social constructs of identity; personal, as well as cultural. I am examining the structural hierarchies related to how these images are constructed, displayed and disseminated. I am also dealing with how meaning is communicated through them in order to support and subvert the functionality of the image and its presentation.

I am interested in how context constructs meaning, how images can change over time, and how information can be lost or reconstituted. In this body of work I examine how imagery can signify the shifting social constructs of cultural identity. I view myself as a collector engaged with the post-production notion of recycling and reshaping images, in order to reexamine history and by default, the future.

I use found images taken from various sources; old books and magazines as well as my own personal collection of family photographs. Images of Greco-Roman statuary interact with images of myself and my father. In this way historic representations of cultural production merge with and react against images from my own past; both of which I have no experience of other than as an image.