Clock Cage

Popps Emporium Presents:

Clock Cage, by Andrew Mehall

“The smell of flatulence reminds me that I’m carrion. That I’m just guts.”

text from Andrew Mehall to me, maybe a year ago

* We’re sitting in a room, it’s dark out but not late. Almost the end of Daylight saving time. We talk about naming things. He thinks humans shouldn’t name things that they can’t understand. I think about how we call our middle fingers birds, but do not mention this. Doesn’t seem relevant.

* Sometimes people call me sir, but I think that’s just because I have hairy arms, and they’re not looking at my face. Usually it’s old white dudes. I say something like, “Hey, you’re going extinct!” Not that I’m offended.

* We’re sitting in a room, one of us says the word anthropocene. We both roll our eyes, but can’t figure out if we’re rolling them for the same reason. Does naming something make it easier to talk about? Or does it make it go away? I took a quiz online to find out how depressed I was, and the result was “True Blue.”

* If you keep making that face it’s going to get stuck that way.

* Today in history: Sesame Street premiers on TV, Germans begin demolishing the Berlin Wall, the motorcycle is introduced, the Edmund Fitzgerald sinks. Only the firsts and lasts ever make the list. What about all the mush in between, all the stars that aren’t constellations?

* You can buy a star for $19.95 (Extra Bright ones are $34.95) and name it whatever you want.

* If you keep making that stuck it’s going to face that way.

* When Barb found Andrew’s painting in the printer at work, she crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.

* We’re sitting in a room, and he says that if we dump the whole world into a machine, and the machine spit out words, that not everything would be able to come out. Language is fucked, but only because we’re fucked. What if the machine is fucked? Who built that machine?

* If you keep facing that way you’re going to get stuck.


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