BYOB (Bring Your Own Birdhouse)


Call for unique, modern, and non-traditional takes on the standard birdhouse to be displayed in the Popps Packing gardens and various outdoor spaces.

Finished houses must be move-in-ready, equipped for install, and dropped off at Popps Packing with completed intake form.

Repurpose an old sculpture into the perfect birdhouse, or maybe you have a bird house that is ready to go, or make something new! Ideally, your birdhouse will be weather resistant, be able to house an actual bird (or birds, or bats, or bees), and be unique. Check out this link for some advice on bird house dimensions if you want to design for a specific species.

Think outside the box! Be innovative! Birds don’t just live in trees.

Drop off dates: 

Mon. April 22, 12-6pm

Tues. April 23, 5-8pm

Wed. April 24, 12-6pm

Exhibition Opening: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Please RSVP via email if you’re interested in participating and for all questions. Email

Popps Packing will take a 33% commission on all sales. Limit one birdhouse per artist. 

Why do birds use birdhouses?: Birds are looking for nesting cavities in which to build their nest. Song birds that use tree cavities are not capable of creating their own nesting cavities because their beaks are specialized for hunting insects or gathering seeds. In an undisturbed ecosystem songbirds such as wrens, chickadees and nuthatches look for tree cavities created by other birds such as woodpeckers. 

Tree cavities provide shelter for birds from predators. There are two kinds of cavity nesters: those that create their own nesting cavities (primary cavity nesters) and those that use pre-existing cavities (secondary cavity nesters). Insects or pathogens have also been found to assist in formation of cavities that are used by cavity nesters.