Spring Artist in Residence

Popps Packing would like to give a warm welcome to our current artist in residence, Karin Karinson. Karinson is a sculpture artist, working primarily in clay and incorporating all stages, shapes and forms of the material into her work. Resting in the rivers of glossy glaze, she blends ready-made, found, porcelain objects with self-created sculptures;  shards of people’s desires and fantasies, things forgotten, and left behind protrude through a dreamy manifestation of the fragmented natural world.

The correspondence between material object and the personal relationship humans form with them is Karinson’s focal point: “…the individual mentally and emotionally incorporates the home and its objects, developing identification between them and the ego – an act that encompasses both aspects of security and self-fulfillment. In the relationship between humans and their environment there is an ongoing interaction where the environment is affected by human needs and values, while in turn the environment affects humans by giving stimulus, safety and comfort.”

Karin Karinson joins us for as a Studio Resident for March and April through an ongoing partnership with the Region Västra Götaland, Sweden.