The Lounge of Saturn- A winter salon exhibition

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 9, 7-10PM

Popps Packing is pleased to present our winter salon show, The Lounge of Saturn.  Saturn  is known as the mythological  god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation as well as the god of time. During the month of December the Romans celebrated Saturn during the Saturnalia Festival, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. The Lounge of Saturn is our way to pay homage to the season, to the god of renewal, to honor the cycles of life and death and all that lies in between.  The Lounge  of Saturn will be an actual lounge space that folks can hang out in and relax while also viewing, sitting on and interacting with the art on display. The exhibition will feature both functional works and non functional works, video, installation, fine art, outsider art, printed matter, found objects, ceramics, sculpture and more.

Some of the featured artists include: Jessica Frelinghuysen, Ryan Standfest, Millee Tibbs, Marie Hermann, Scott Hocking, Clint Snider, Chris Schanck, Ryan Haas, James Viste, John Rizzo, James Collins, Peter Dunn, Adrian Hatfield, Anders Ruhwald, Alex Buzzalini, Victoria Shaheen, Teresa Petersen, Virgina Torrence, Henry Crissman, Chris Riddell, Michael McGillis, Noah Mantei, Graem Whyte, Faina Lerman, John Charnota, Alison Wong, Andrea Eckert, Nathan Tonning, Vince Troia, James Collins, Tim Van Laar, Rosie Sharp, Jonathon Rajewski, Kevin McCoy, Andrew Mehall and a few special guest performances.