Saturday, February 7
Show runs through February 28th

Two round solid forms, one on top of the other, not touching but inherently linked.


These forms draw attention to a division, a gap, a space in between two separate but connected things. They are a joint. They join. A passage from inside to outside. A phase in which material is broken and converted into a substance suitable for absorption and assimilation. A state like that of the soft setting stage of concrete. The pliable period that is only momentary, where you can take your hand and make an imprint in the surface. The state before it is solidified into rock and after the liquidity that runs through your fingers. The liminal space in between.


Born in Detroit, Michigan, Kylie Lockwood received her MFA from Hunter College and BFA from the College for Creative Studies. She has exhibited internationally in Berlin, London, Madrid, New York, Philadelphia, Miami and Detroit. Kylie has participated in a number of residencies, including Skowhegan, the Hambidge Creative Residency Program and the Contemporary Artists Center. Her work has been written about in the Metro Times, Infinite Mile and the New York Times. Kylie currently teaches in the Fine Art Department at the College for Creative Studies and is the co-director of Cave Gallery.