6-9 PM

Popps Packing is excited to present “Welcome Back” an exhibition of selected works by Cristin Richard (some of which have never been shown in Detroit). After 6 months away from her practice, Cristin has chosen this moment to reflect upon the existing narratives found in her work and to explore them wihtin a new context.

“Sometimes things happen in life that force you to change the ways of which you would have typically operated. It takes a good period of observation and discovery to find your new way.”

Through an interdisciplinary approach, Cristin leads an in depth reflection around the notions of the body and identity. She examines the human condition and the fact that the body is physically and mentally determined in this condition.

In her artistic practice, installation and performance hold an essential place. Particularly interested in the manipulation of organic matter, these materials build a dialog of what it feels like to be human. The human being is like nature. It transforms and regenerates in poetic and unpredictable ways. In the majority of her work, she reconstructs animal intestines into tangible objects. Playing upon the ambiguity created by the presence of this material, she develops metaphors loaded with complexities, and also explores the experience of the body in its perception and transformations. Her most recent works take the form of a participatory performance, where the audience unconsciously becomes an active part of the project.

Cristin Richard was born in Detroit, and currently lives and works in the city. She received a BFA from the College for Creative Studies
and has exhibited her artistic work locally, as well as in New York, Paris and Iceland.