August Residency Exhibition

Marion Neumann, Isamu Krieger, Yi Zhou and Franziska Klose

Friday August 26, 2016


Please Join us for this special event that spans the whole Popps compound and highlights the wonderful work created by our current AIR. 

With Snacks and Refreshments

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“Mounts & Marvels” , by Isamu Krieger (Switzerland) at Popps Emporium.  

“Like an unfold origami, the flat paper that however keeps the lines of the architectural volume, offers though a new surface to write one’s tale. In front of a nearly blank page, I develop my practice of drawing and I search to combine natural elements with abstract shapes and to compose patterns of landscapes based on graphical systems. My proposal here is to play with visual tensions using optical games, illusions of crossing lines, horizontal panoramas and vertical cliffs, deep caves and a plane plateau…All of this is in order to create obviously an effect of vertigo.  A dizziness between absence and presence, between rising and falling… ”  

Wild Plants” directed by Nicolas Humbert with cinematography by Marion Neumann (Switzerland)

Film Screening of at 9PM,

WILD_PLANTS_Kinga_HandPeople’s associations with flora goes back a long way, taking us back to our own roots as well as to new ways of life and creative potential that reveal themselves as we deal with plants. ‘Wild Plants’ is a film that traces these clues and takes us to urban gardens in Detroit, to Native American philosopher Milo Yellow Hair in Wounded Knee, to the wild plantations of Zurich’s legendary ‘Guerilla Gardener’ Maurice Maggi, and to the innovative horticulture cooperative ‘Les Jardins de Cocagne’ in Geneva.

The New Wild–Detroit“. by Franziska Klose (Germany),

franziskaklose-TheNewWildThe New Wild–Detroit is part of a long-term project that pictures postindustrial landscapes worldwide.  It will combine pictures of urban and industrial vegetation and various farms in Detroit with historical images and texts to describe the permanent change of Detroit’s urban and social landscape.

Klose studied at Bauhaus-University Weimar, at École Supérieure des Arts Visuels Genève/CH and at Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. She lives in Leipzig, Germany.  

“Body Memory Clinic”  by Yi Zhou (China)

Demonstrations from 7-9PM

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Practicing from her Pop Up,  Body Memory clinic and wearing her trademark Doctors coat, the self confessed “collector of human body parts”, takes a ‘faux-scientific’ look at body form and the role that our body parts, rather than our brain, play in storing our memories.

Fingers, noses, lips, ears, breasts and even belly buttons are covered with resin and then plaster bandages to create unconventional, quirky jewellery pieces and accessories.  

Mycelium Give-Away
Marion Neumann will be giving away mycelium left over from the Radical Mycology Workshops earlier this month. She’ll show you what you need to do in order to grow your own mushrooms at home. First come first serve, so come early and get you spores!!


Light snacks and refreshments