Hamtramck in Translation Workshop

Sunday, July 2 , 12PM – 6PM

Hamtramck in Translation is a free, hands–on workshop lead by Juliette Pepin, current artist in resident at Popps Packing. Inspired by the variety of signs and scripts found all over the city, this workshop will explore and highlight Hamtramck’s unique linguistic and cultural diversity through the creation of unique yard sings.

This is a free drop- in workshop!

All Ages Welcome!
All Materials included! More than 10 different alphabets!
All projects will be digitally archived and shared with participants.

Contact: poppspacking@gmail.com
Location: Popps Packing, 12138 St. Aubin Hamtramck MI, 48212.

Juliette Pépin is a multidisciplinary designer based in Paris, France. She is a communication designer working on the positive representation of cultural diversity though modern means of communication. Her communication design and education project, M.O.T.S, won a Social Design Award in 2016. M.O.T.S is language awareness education tool in which Juliette designed school materials, games and other tools to trigger children interest in cultural diversity through language awareness. Pepin utilizes foreign alphabets that were co-created with teachers, psychologist and education counselors to help frame the activities within a knowledge and experience based context. “Hamtramck in Translation” workshop is a continuation of her interest in socially conscious locally based projects that find unique ways to highlight cultural diversity. http://juliettepepin.com/mots