Regine Rode

Regine Rode “aspirations” 2019 Installation view from the exhibition Imitations curated by Gabi Blum © Gabi Blum

Popps Packing is excited to welcome this year’s Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellow and Momm and Popp artist in residence, Regine Rode! Rode is an Artist from Munich Germany currently working with sculpture and installation.

She received her MFA in Fine Art from Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles in 2016 and her Diploma in Fine Art from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich where she studied with Professor Markus Oehlen from 2009-2014.

Her works are rooted in a traditional sculptural practice yet seek to challenge and disrupt familiar traits. Her installations often consist of multiple autonomous elements creating a unique landscape which always finds a link to her current surrounding environment.

During her time in Los Angeles Regine began working with concrete and experiencing with different shades of grey of this material. She tries to recognize and imitate a certain effect created by concrete surroundings in different geographic locations.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in Galleries and Institutions such as the Goethe-Institut Munich, YGREC Gallery at Cité International des Arts Paris, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Helen and Abraham Bolsky Gallery Los Angeles, Spor Klübü Berlin, ROM Copenhagen, etc.

Rode will be at Popps for a month with her husband Florian and daughter Lilou thanks to the Sustainable Arts Foundation.