Time-Less, Meditations on Headlessness

Friday, November 4, 2016  7:00 PM:

Popps Packing is pleased to present “Time-less” by Jaime B. Jaime & Kath-Jazz, Meditations on headlessness. November 4-19, 2016. Opening Reception Friday, November, 4 2016, 7-10PM

About the Artists:
JAIME LUTZO managed to escape making video work for a few years by renovating old houses. Lives life intensely, not always loudly. Finds sustenance in cinema, text, music, and the company of fellow maniacs.

KATHY LEISEN is not an innocent bystander. She is an instigator and also an investigator of motivations and morality, instinct and the unknown. Her aesthetic methodology is always evolving like a snake with many skins. Looks for meaning in distractions and also loves maniacs.img_4755