Untitled Experiment of the Modern Gaze

Popps Packing is excited to present  a new video installation by Oren Goldenberg utilizing 360 degree video, featuring Biba Bell.  

Untitiled Experiment of the Modern Gaze is a contemporary approach to depicting the gaze of the viewer.  Appropriating new Virtual Reality technology, Goldenberg is utilizing video to create an immersive environment that explores how we gaze, and how we are seen gazing.  Through camera and body movements, a contradictory relationship is born between the viewer and the subject.  

Oren Goldenberg is a producer and video artist living and working in Detroit where he uses video to explore the dismantlement of the public sector, subvert the assumed and create catharsis. His work captures society’s effect on the spaces around us, as well as, on the body.  Selected projects included: Art as Ritual Conference, A Requiem for Douglass; and Detroit (Blank) City, to name a few.  He is a 2016 Bernard L. Mass Prize for Fine Arts recipient and 2013 Kresge Artist Fellow.  

Biba Bell (b. 1976, Sebastopol) is a writer, dancer, and choreographer based in Detroit. Her work proposes a modernist threshold between between architecture and dance, and is more recently focused on social dance. Bell’s performance work has been seen at JACK (Brooklyn), Bas Fisher Invitational (Miami), Kunstlerhaus (Bremen, Germany), Cranbrook Art Museum, and in a Mies van der Rohe apartment in Detroit. Bell is a 2016 Kresge Fellow in Live Arts, is an Assistant Professor in Dance at Wayne State University, and she earned her PhD in Performance Studies from New York University.

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